21.07.11 A rare triple breach

As i said in a previous post the next thing on my to-do list would be a triple breach after getting a pretty good double breach on camera. Now that triple breach is pretty much what happened on one of our trips a couple of days ago. We were just at the beginning of our cruise heading south outside the heads when we saw a big splash in the distance. It would have been a good mile ahead of us but very easy to be identified as a jumping whale. On a good day you can see the blow of a whale maybe a mile or two away if you know what you are looking for. A breach you can see almost over the horizon! so we knew where we were going and headed towards the whales at full speed.

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19.07.11 Whale Watching aboard the James Craig

The other day we have been whale watching just outside the harbour and we also saw the James Craig sailing past in the background.

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20.06.11 What a Day!

Yesterday we saw one of the rarest things you can see on a whale watching boat. A double Breach!

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10.02.11 November Update

November was our last month of whale watching.

look dad, its a whale

The season was cut short by one or two weeks, which is a little bit unusual. We tend to see whales up until the first or second week of december. This year however, the last sightings of humpbacks where late november.

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