02.11.10 October Update

October was another great month of whale watching with many memorable sightings!

look dad, its a whale

plenty of muggings which are typical for this time of year, as the whales are heading south and are quite curious. They also have the time to hang around a boat a little big longer as they are just drifting along in a southerly flowing current.

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29.09.10 The Whale and the Kayaker

Something you dont see every day!

whale and a kayaker

We had a very active whale jumping non stop when a kayaker approached! the moment i saw him i thought to myself, come on, just a little bit closer!  it took a few attempts until everything was lined up perfectly....Aaaand the guy didnt even look!

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10.09.10 September Update
The southern migration has now begun, with whales swimming back south to antarctic waters every day!

Humpback Whales mugging the boat
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02.08.10 August Update

We are at the beginning of august now, which means there are some interesting whale watching times ahead!

breaching whale

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