02.12.09 Long overdue update
Sorry guys i havent written in such a long time!

We had heaps of amazing trips in the last couple of weeks and months ( almost 2 months since the last entry ) so there will be plenty of amazing pictures in this post.
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20.10.09 Size matters..?

big gun

Every once in a while im outgunned when it comes to camera equipment.

There are people who actually have faster cameras (nikon d3 - 11fps) and longer lenses (nikkor 600mm) compared to my weapon of choice the canon 1d mk iii (10 fps with a 100-400mm lens).

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12.10.09 More Killer Whales!

Orca off Sydney

Yesterday we have been lucky enough to encounter some more Killer Whales on our whale watching tour. It has been the 2. sighting this season so far and was even more spectacular than the first one.

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06.10.09 October Update

a whale mugging the boat

Just letting you guys know whats going on on the boats at the moment:

We are now in the month of october. In terms of whale watching that means that we get regular sightings of mothers and calves. The southern migration has started around late august, beginning of september with the first whales passing Sydney on their way south again.

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